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Professional Team & Athletic Administration Services

I take forward-thinking organizations and elite athletes to the next level of their game - and their careers - as a sports performance strategist. I consider myself 'technique certain and tactic agnostic' - and this is something completely new in my field. By this I mean, I only use techniques that are proven and rooted in science. However, the approach I take to is based on the unique needs of the individuals and the organizations.

Performance Audit

An outside and independent review of your team’s support staff and/or system(s).  This review can be comprehensive or focused on a particular area of interest.  It provides a current state of affairs in addition to strategic recommendations.  Contact me for additional information regarding this service.


Performance Strategy

Whether you're a performance team wanting assistance developing your own system(s), a front office, e-gaming team, or athletic administration seeking guidance on the development or structure of your back-of-house components (e.g.,  performance, medical, nutrition, etc.), or you’re just looking to implement strategies to gain a competitive edge, this service provides insights, strategies, and solutions for all levels of teams and organizations. Contact me for additional information regarding this service.

Sports Science Solutions

“Sports science” has become a buzzword within the world of sports performance, but in truth, there is little agreement about what the term means. Teams are often seeking answers regarding the application and implementation of sports science in their organization in spite of this. This service helps cut through the confusion and provides teams with guidance, support, and understanding of sports science as a whole, and how it can complement their teams.  

Technology Assessment Portfolio

Sports science technology is at an inflection point, and as a result, the high-performance sports, fitness and wellness worlds are being flooded with vast amount of technologies - good and bad.  The Technology Assessment Portfolio (TAP) is a detailed report vetting products in an unbiased manner.  The vetting process is what we created while conducting similar work for the U.S. Army and Draper Labs, and profiles technologies which includes, but is not limited to: sleep monitors, athlete management platforms, GPS devices, heart-rate monitors, etc.  Contact me for additional information regarding this service or if seeking to vet a particular piece of equipment or technology.

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