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Consulting Services for Corporations & Organizations

I take forward-thinking organizations and elite athletes to the next level of their game - and their careers - as a sports performance strategist. I consider myself 'technique certain and tactic agnostic' - and this is something completely new in my field. By this I mean, I only use techniques that are proven and rooted in science. However, the approach I take to is based on the unique needs of the individuals and the organizations.

Organizational Performance Audit

Performance audits aren’t just for athletes and teams. I’ve also conducted outside and independent reviews of large business organizations’ performance support system(s) for both the C-suite, rank and file, and everyone in between. These reviews can be comprehensive or focused on a particular area of interest, and will provide a current state of affairs as well as strategic recommendations. Typically these services revolve around sleep, nutrition, wellness. Contact me for additional information regarding the performance audit.

Product Direction/Performance Strategy

Understanding the latest trends, techniques, and methods employed by the sports industry used to improve performance are invaluable to companies within the space.  Past examples of this work include an equipment company wanting feedback, direction or testing of a product; a nutraceutical company infusing techniques and strategies employed by elite-athletes and performers into performance-enhancing functional foods, and many more. Contact me for additional information regarding this service.

Athlete-Sponsor Performance Solutions

A number of companies have the term “high-performance” at the heart of their mission statements. As a result, many of these companies sponsor and support athletes who are seeking to achieve high performance in their respective sports.  In an effort to provide an extra tier of support and improve the ROI on these sponsorships, I can deliver additional and specific insights from a number of vantage points to elevate the performance of these individuals. Contact me for additional information about providing elite-athlete performance solutions to your sponsored athletes.

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