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Oct, 2019

Be Like the best: A Guide to Reaching THe TOP in the Fitness Profession

Brandon Marcello - pages 199-204

Oct, 2019

Huffington Post 

Sleep Tips for Parents, Inspired by the Toronto Raptors

Dec, 2018


Donating Blood Affects Fitness

Nov, 2018


4 Breathing Mistakes

Nov, 2018


Raptors Sinking Resources Into Sleep Education

May, 2018


Should You Live Without Vices?

March, 2018

LA Times

Juan Carlos Osorio may have been Caught Sleeping on the Latest Attempt at Innovation.

January, 2018


What Is Floating? Inside the Fitness Trend That Steph Curry and Joe Rogan Swear By

December, 2017


15 Foods You Should Eat to Stay Healthy All Winter


October, 2017


More Women are Trying to Gain Weight Through Diet and Exercise



October, 2017


The Problem with IIFYM



October, 2017


20 Secrets for a Long, Happy Life

January, 2017

LA Times

As More Hockey Teams Give Morning Skates the Cold Shoulder, Kings and Ducks Hang Onto Game-Day Practice

November, 2016


5 Tips for Reaching Peak Potential (from a Doctor Studying the U.S. Military)



April, 2016

Women's Health Magazine

Inner Peace AND a Tight Butt: How to Turn Any Exercise into a Mind-Body Workout


March, 2015

Seeking Serenity: The 10 New Rues for Health and Happiness in the Age of Anxiety

Rule 8: From the Athletes' Playbook - pages 183-185



December, 2014


The Dangers of Dysfunctional Breathing

September, 2014

Stadia Magazine

Contact sport: athletic performance centers



April 17, 2014

Peninsula Press

Stanford-Designed Cooling Glove is 'huge part of the recovery puzzle' for Athletes



Spring, 2013

American Airlines - Celebrated Living Magazine
High Performance Dining



January 20, 2012​
Stanford Relishes New Dining Experience



November 7, 2011

Sports Illustrated

The New Training Table



Spring, 2009

Stanford Report

Thinking About Sports

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