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Military & Defense Services

I take forward-thinking organizations and elite athletes to the next level of their game - and their careers - as a sports performance strategist. I consider myself 'technique certain and tactic agnostic' - and this is something completely new in my field. By this I mean, I only use techniques that are proven and rooted in science. However, the approach I take to is based on the unique needs of the individuals and the organizations.

High Performance SME

Seeking to improve human performance, reduce injuries, or increase career longevity isn’t just reserved for those in sport.  And regardless of the country or branch, human capital resides at the center of the military, or as the special operations community puts it “humans are more important than hardware.”  If you are in need of subject matter expertise in the evaluation, development, and implementation of performance optimization programs or seeking human-performance solutions for those who operate in a dynamic operating environment, contact me for further information regarding this service.

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