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I take forward-thinking organizations and elite athletes to the next level of their game - and their careers - as a sports performance strategist. I consider myself 'technique certain and tactic agnostic' - and this is something completely new in my field. By this I mean, I only use techniques that are proven and rooted in science. However, the approach I take to is based on the unique needs of the individuals and the organizations.

Performance Nutrition & Recovery

Often overlooked and clouded with ambiguity, but if implemented strategically and systematically, performance nutrition and recovery can improve and sustain performance gains.  Whether seeking off-season or in-season guidance regarding meal plans, snacks, supplementation and other nutrition-related strategies, or when and how to best implement hydrotherapies, sensory deprivation, massage, and other recovery modalities, this service will provide the answers you’re seeking.  Contact me for additional information regarding this service.

Performance Team Integration

With more and more specializations emerging, athletes are relying on a number of individuals to improve their performance during the off-season.  However, it’s hard to coordinate all of their efforts, and many times, are not in direct contact with one another.  This service provides integration, communication, and coordination of all of the athletes’ existing services to ensure that priorities are in place, a specific plan is being executed, and synergistic approaches to performance enhancement can be achieved.  This service boosts the return on investment of the athletes’ support services.  

Performance Training

Preparation is the key to sustainable high performance.  This begins with proper and precise training to meet the specific needs of the individual and the demands of competition. This training comprised of a thorough evaluation, specific prescription and implementation, ensures peak performance.  To learn more about this service of training methods and philosophy, contact me for additional information.

Performance Strategy

Developing and implementing strategies to improve and sustain performance are essential to stacking the odds in your favor.  Whether you’re seeking strategies to improve sleep, travel, or any overlooked aspect of performance, this service could be of great benefit to you.  Contact me to learn more about performance strategy.

Performance Team Vetting

High-performing individuals are always seeking performance, medical and related professionals in their home-base cities to support their unique needs.  Sifting through the vast number of individuals to find quality care is a difficult task.  Whether you’re looking for a trainer, physical therapist, chiropractor, dietician, sports psychologist, soft-tissue specialist, or anything in between, this service identifies the best in class, and vets these individuals for your specific needs.  Contact me for more information about this service.  

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